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Will former Glee Star Charice Pempengco’s family problem and apparent identity crisis affect her stellar singing career?
That question is in the mind of many of the 21-year-old Filipina YouTube singing sensation’s fans called Chasters and entertainment industry observers in the light of news that Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Production has dropped the controversial singer from its roster of talents.

Robert Ybera, her baptismal godfather, claimed in an interview with TV 5′s The Lastest and Pep.ph that Oprah has reportedly removed Charice from her list of talents because of her attitude and the tattoos which were the trigger of the souring of relations between the manager and talent.

“Kaya nung binanggit ni Charice na kunektado pa rin siya kay Oprah. Medyo nasabi ko sa sarili ko, hindi na ako umiimik. Ayaw ko sa akin manggaling (So when Charice said she is still connected with Oprah, I just keep quiet. I don’t want the confirmation to come from me,” Ybera said.

Although Charice’s break into the international scene was made by Ellen DeGeneres, a prominent lesbian, it was Oprah who took Charice under her wings through the TV host’s Harpo Productions.
A check with the Web site of Harpo, however, showed that the production company is still promoting Charice’s album. However, it could be due to the slowness by Harpo in updating its portal or Oprah and Charice still ironing out the kinks in their relationship.

Charice herself had severed ties with people involved in her career, including manager Grace Mendoza and Courtney Wooding, who was also rumoured to be romantically involved with Charice in the past.
Her masculine look and rumours of eloping with a childhood friend and rival in singing competitions is distancing Charice even from her family.
Charice, prior to her international break sparked by a YouTube video posted by a fan and noticed by Ellen, had a difficult life since her mother was a single parent. They once lived in a house in Cabuyao, Laguna, where they did not have any sleeping mats or chairs. It was in Laguna where Ybera became the Pempengcos neighbour and eventual baptismal godfather of Charice and her younger brother Carl when they converted from the Iglesia ni Kristo sect to the Roman Catholic Church in 2004.
Ybera helped her career during her struggling days, but now appears to be even estranged from the Pempengco’s because of his disclosure on more details about Charice’s alleged elopement with Alyssa Quijano, an upcoming singer.

Since the rumour, Charice has not been seen much in public except for a jamming/practice session with Rivermaya, a popular Filipino band, and two recent Twitter photos showing her wearing men’s apparel and with short hair cut in a masculine style.
Her seemingly distressful love and family life may trigger a downward spiral in her career as what happened to two other Hollywood celebrities who started with good girl images – Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.
Britney, like Charice, was an international success early in her career with her 1999 album Baby One More Time and 2000 Album Oops! … I Did It Again, breaking international sales record. However, her erratic behaviour and hospitalisations caused her to be placed under conservatorship in 2008. Again, her romantic life appears to have some parallel with Charice since Britney married her childhood friend, Jason Allen Alexander, in January 2007 but after 55 hours the marriage was annulled. In September 2004, she married American dancer Kevin Federline, but filed for divorce in November 2006 due to irreconcilable differences.

Lindsay Lohan, like Charice and Britney, is a successful recording star, but it was her movie career that brought her fame, mainly her role in the 1998 remake by Disney of the Parent Trap. In 2010 and 2011, she had several legal problems arising from violations of her probation status and necklace theft. Her run-ins with the law certainly made her fit the title of her 2004 movie Mean Girls.

Charice’s fans are hoping their idol would not run into a path of self destruction based on apparent rebellion against society’s norms and parental control.
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